07 November 2012


We went to Sacramento in February for a quick weekend trip.  If you like trips of the fly by the seat of your pants variety, this would definitely be the weekend for you.  If you're ever interested in taking a similar trip, simply buy a plane ticket and don't book a hotel. Let me tell you, it's quite the 'thrill'.  We flew into Orlando and drove to Sacramento the first day we got there. We were busy all day, checked out the sites, went to a movie, and at 9:45pm decided to find a place to sleep for the night.  My only requirement was that they had free breakfast. 

On the list of things we loved about the trip: Fish tacos from Rubios, our 5 minute Golden Gate experience to avoid paying for parking, Chipotle; and my personal favorite: the view of the Oakland Temple from our second, super creepy hotel room.

It was definitely a trip we won't forget, and hopefully won't repeat.

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