27 April 2014

BYU Volleyball!

Brent loves volleyball like its his job, because it is.  He coaches for Desert Hills High School during the high school season and is now coaching a club team this summer.  AND he loves BYU, as he should.  So obviously he is a fan of BYU Men's Volleyball.  And they are GOOD this year.  Like they dominated their conference last week in the MPSF tournament and have high hopes to win the national championship next week.

All that to say, we got tickets to the semi-final conference game last Thursday night.  It was a whirlwind trip (arn't they all these days).  We left St George, and took our awesome 2nd row seats that Brent got us.  Let the game begin!  It was a pretty good game, we expected it to be a little bit closer since both teams are really good this year but BYU had home court advantage and it ended in 3 sets.  It was just in time for us to eat dinner and arrive home promptly at 3am.  It was great to get out of the store for a night and be able to do something else for a change.  And as all whirlwind trips end, we went back to work Friday morning and are now looking forward to a great Sunday nap that's up next on the schedule.

Runway Fashion Exchange Grand Opening!

Some days it doesn't feel real, like when I write a blog post about Brent and me opening a clothing store.  Nonetheless, here we are just a few weeks in, running this crazy ship.  Runway Fashion Exchange now consumes our lives like I've never thought possible.  It's my double-full-time job (hello 70 hour weeks!) and Brent's 2nd job where he works nights and weekends on top of his full-time spot at the radio station.  And we love it.  It has been amazing seeing our Father in Heaven work in only a way he knows how.  We have had such incredible opportunities presented to us because of this store.  Part of me wonders how it all came together at all and the other part confidently stands by and trusts.  I feel more grateful than ever to hear, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways."  Because His perfect plan for us has been the best plan for us.  I sometimes say that it's not our store, it's His store.  Our Heavenly Father has directed its upbringing and he still oversee and cultivates its progress.  He has given us stewardship over it and He trusts that we will help His children and bless all those we can.  Our mission is this grand adventure with Him at the helm.
For anyone concerned about the details, we started filling the store with clothes and all things teen and young adult styles in January this year, and our Grand Opening was February 21st.  Our store is doing amazing and our first month open our store was #3 in the franchise for sales!  If you're in St George you HAVE to stop in.

22 October 2013

Taking Stock

Making: Lots of messes and we're never home to clean them up
Cooking: Nothing.
Drinking: Water, always water.
Reading: Brent's pick for this month's book club - The Client
Wanting: A day to take a breather.
Looking: Ahead at lots of changes and hoping they play out exactly the way they were meant to.
Playing: Candy Crush 
Wasting: Sticky notes with too many things to do.
Sewing: Halloween Costumes 
Wishing: We could see all the people we love who live so far away
Liking: Bright bold colors and patterns.
Wondering: when the rug is going to be pulled out from under my feet.  It's been so calm for so long, I'm preparing for a doozie.
Loving: The hot afternoons we have here right now.
Hoping: the summer stays for a little longer but desperately hoping Fall comes soon
Marveling: every time I drive home I just think, "I live here!" 
Needing: Some more time with Brent
Smelling: The bite of Fall every morning I step out the door.
Wearing: Long sleeves and shorts
Following: the wisdom of those who came before me (in the new business owner world)
Noticing: Happy kiddos at swim practice everyday
Knowing: more than ever Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us.
Thinking: How lucky I am to be exactly in this moment in time now.  I treasure everything that we are planning and we have such high hopes for the future.
Bookmarking: Boots and leather things 
Opening: a clothing store like we own the place! 
Giggling: when Steve and Heidi came to visit.
Feeling: At peace.

I felt inspired by everyone who posted something new this week.  It must be the Fall in the air; somehow it always seems to bring a refreshing change that makes you sit back and review.  Summer is a time for Play! and Move! and Do!  But Fall wants to take everything slow.  Fall lends a slower change of pace, preparation, and introspection.  Right now I feel like no matter where I am, as long as I am moving forward, I am succeeding.

25 September 2013

Biking the Zion Loop

My dad always has something planned, and while Bekah and Brigham were visiting for the week in July, he couldn't resist planning this awesome bike ride.  We rode up Zion Canyon, to the last bus stop and back.  It was great, perfect weather, awesome company and tons of fun.   And we plan on doing it again EVERY YEAR, right Bekah??


21 September 2013

Happiest Birthday to the Best Guy I Know

Brent's Birthday is always a favorite of mine every year.  I've said this before, but I LOVE the 4th of July and I love that we can have a big ol' party to go along with the fireworks and the perfect summer night. 

We spent the Fourth of July at the Sun Bowl in St George.  It was HOT. We moved to St George in June, and this is our first summer here.  It is so strange to me that no one goes outside.  Everyone hibernates in the summer and when it cools off in September, that's when everyone comes out of the woodwork.  The 4th was no different; we were doing things during the day and there was no one around but about the time the sun went down, all these people were out and about.

Sun Bowl 2013

Cookie Cake for the Birthday Boy :)
A sweaty working man

I can't tell you how much I love this guy.  He's the most hard working, patient, obnoxious guy around and I wouldn't trade him for anything.  Celebrating birthdays for Brent and the Rowe's is always a grand adventure I get pumped up about every year.  This year we took it easy with breakfast, a tour of the Brigham Young House, a grand ol' nap while Brent was off working, and a summer downpour that did not disappoint.  Now that we know summer birthdays in St George means HOT, HOT, HOT we'll have a battle plan for next year.