27 June 2011

Our Story

His Side
About a year ago I stopped by my roommates FHE to pick him up for a softball game. They were at a park playing water kickball. While I was waiting for him to finish up I noticed that there was a girl there that was REALLY cute! I told him roommate, “Hey you have a really cute girl in your branch.” About a month later my roommates invited me to a branch activity at Rigby Lake . This really cute girl was there and I met her, found out her name was Sharna, and best of all I found out that she was a swimmer, not just recreational swimming, but competitive swimming. I was smitten from the beginning. I had the intentions of getting her phone number and seeing if she’d like to swim with me. I’m always looking for a swimming partner, it makes working out so much more enjoyable. Well as I inquired a little more I found out she had a boyfriend, so I kind of just forgot about it for the time, although ever time I’d see her or bump into her I’d think “I need to get her number so I can go swimming with her.”
My friend Tara needed help moving from one house to another, and so I helped her get all her stuff and got her moved to her new room, well it just so happens that her new roommate was Sharna. I was intrigued again, but she still had a boyfriend. One day, I was talking to Tara and she said, “Hey Brent, Sharna broke up with her boyfriend.”(see Tara and all my roommates knew I had a thing for Sharna because I always hinted at it.) I didn’t think a lot about it, but put it in the back of my mind.
I was going to go home for New Years to spend it with my family, but there was a huge storm, and I decided just to stay in Idaho Falls. So I went to the Young Single Adult New Years Dance Party. I saw Sharna there and decided that I was going to get her number so I could go swimming with her. I walked up to her in the hall and I said “It’s Sharna right?” and she said “Yeah, Adam right?” I thought to myself well obviously she doesn’t remember me the way I remember her. Ha ha! I said no and told her I’ve been meaning to get her number for some time because I wanted to swim with her. She gave me some lame excuse about how expensive it is to swim at the Aquatic Center and this and that. I could see it wasn’t going very well, so I told her I’d grab her number from her sometime. Unfortunately my phone was dead so I couldn’t grab it right then. Even though it wasn’t the exact outcome I was looking for, I was intrigued still by Sharna and so I wasn’t done trying. A week or so later my friend, her roommate, Tara was about to move too for a year or so and wanted to get everyone together for a snowboarding trip. She invited me to go and arranged for Sharna and I to be driving in the same truck on the way up. We talked a little but I still didn’t know her at all. Well as luck would have it, when everyone took off to go snowboarding, Sharna and I ended up sticking together and we snowboarded for about half of the night together. I again tried to see if I could get her to go swimming with me, and this time she asked me when I went. I told her at in the morning and she immediately told me no way, that she wasn’t a morning person and that she wouldn’t go. I was like “ouch, strike two.” After several runs together I didn’t want to be a creep, so I told her I was going to take off and find Tara . Sharna drove home in a different vehicle and I thought to myself, “this really isn’t going very well.” Well Sharna had told me that she had a pass to Grand Targhee and needed to use it sometime. The next time I saw her which was at a church activity a couple weeks later, I went up to her and asked if she’d used that pass. She told me she had and that she wanted to invite me but didn’t have my number. I told her we’d take care of that problem right then and there and I got her number. We were at a dance and we talked and danced a bunch and I decided to try the swimming thing one last time. So I told her that I only went once a week swimming for my training, but when I started swimming more maybe I could go later in the day and we could go. She said “you only go once a week, I could do that!” I was like “FINALLY!” That night she invited me to come hang out at her house. We set our swimming date and decided to go the next Monday. Well when we got to the pool, the pool was closed because they didn’t have the chemicals right and weren’t allowing people to swim. I was like “Seriously?!?! We went later in the week, and it was great! It was nice to have a swimming partner! I was able to get a few passes to Targhee from work, so I called her a couple days later to tell her, and she asked me if I was going to Institute that night. I hadn’t been to Institute in a really long time but I said “Of course I am!” I asked her out on a date the next week, she invited me to a cabin with a bunch of her friends the week after that, and we have been as my Grandma B used to say “thick as thieves” ever since!

Her Side:
Last summer, the end of June or so, our branch was having an activity at Rigby Lake for a picnic and swimming, and frisbee. Brent was in a different branch but his roommates were in my branch and they invited him to come along. I talked to him a little bit that day and he found out I was a swimmer. I wasn't too interested since I was an idiot dating someone. I didn't see him again for the rest of the summer. I got a new roommate, Tara, in October who was good friends with him and all of his roommates; she would occasionally say things about him but I didn't think too much of it. I saw him at the New Year's Eve dance and he said said, "Hey, you're Sharna" to which I responded, "Yeah, you're Adam, right?" I immediately knew that was wrong, and he hasn't let me hear the end of it since. He still asked me for my number but left right after and never got it. He asked me if I wanted to swim with him in the mornings, I told him that I don't wake up early. We talked quite a bit that night, and my interest was peaked, I don't know what did it.. maybe his goofy laugh, or his charming smile. The next week a huge group of us went snowboarding for my roommate's boyfriends' birthday. Tara invited Brent and he rode up with us. I got to ride the lift with him a few times and he asked me again if I wanted to swim with him. I found out that he only swims one day a week. I decided that I could wake up early one day a week. And in an effort to become a morning person, I started swimming on Monday mornings with Brent. He invited me to his volleyball game, I invited him to institute, I invited him to the cabin with a group of our friends, he asked me on a date,

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