28 June 2011

Engagment Story: May 10th, 2011

His Side:
While we were in St. George in early April I was able to talk to Sharna’s dad and get permission to marry her. I wanted to try and somewhat surprise Sharna even though she knew it was coming, we had already gone to pick out a ring and she knew I was talking to her dad. So when we got back in town I went and picked up her ring, and I had planned out everything to propose. I wrote little poems and sent her on a scavenger hunt. I knew she was working, so I got to her house around and left a note on her door with a little poem that told her to go to Olive Garden where we had our first date. At the Olive Garden I left another poem that told her to go to the Aquatic Center where we swim, the thing I used to get her to even hang out with me!

Then I sent her to the North Stake Center where I had talked to her for the first time at the New Years Eve dance. From there I sent her to my office conference room where we had our Valentines Date, and from there I sent her to Rigby Lake where we met for the first time last summer at a church activity. The funny thing is I got everything set up thinking she’d come home from work and see it and she’d be off. Well she didn’t go straight home from work, she went to the store or something on the way home. So I called her after a while and she told me she was on her way and I told her I’d meet her at her house just so she’d get there! When she got home she got the first note and she was off. I was waiting at Rigby Lake , and there were several people running around the Lake . I looked off and saw a girl that was sprinting and I thought to myself “man that girl is flying.” As she got closer I realized it was Sharna. She was so cute! She was just so excited that she was sprinting to see me! She got to me and gave me a huge hug! After a minute I gave her the last poem and then got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. She of course said yes and we were official! I’ve never been happier in my life!

Her Side:
Brent called me at work and I told him I was getting off early but I actually stayed about an hour longer. I called him on my way home from work and we decided that he would meet me at my house. When I got home he wasn't there, but in his place I saw and envelope taped to my door with my name on it. I originally thought this was a special date night he had put together but after reading the cute poem he wrote saying something about me having to go far, it was an adventure, and finding the [M] scrabble piece, at the end it said go to Olive Garden (where we had our first date). I knew he was proposing.
I looked like I had just got out of bed and gone to work so I attempted to do my hair and put on some makeup but left as fast as I could. I ran out the door and off to Olive Garden. I was secretly hoping that he would be there but I asked the front desk and they gave me another envelope. There was a poem and a
[A] scrabble piece inside that said something about swimming. I raced off to the Aquatics Center where we swim in the mornings. They also had an envelope that said to go to the Stake Center. This one had an [R] in it. I was upset for half a second that he made me back track. I just wanted to see him as fast as I could. The envelope at the Stake Center had his office key and another [R] in it and I didn't even read the poem until I got back in the car and was on my way. I hit me right after I read that poem how much I love Brent and that not a day goes by that I know we are supposed to be together. I let myself into his building and went to the conference room where we had our Valentine's date and found another envelope saying go to Rigby Lake [Y]. I got on the freeway to go to Rigby Lake. I wish he had been there in the car because I was able to go over everything that had happened up until that day. I was the longest 20 minutes of my life and I searched for directions in my phone because I knew I would probably miss the exit and be so upset for delaying my trip. I got there without even using the directions and parked outside the gate. I jumped out of my car and ran as fast as I could toward the pavilion where I knew he would be. I gave him a hug and told him that I loved him. He gave me one more envelope(which I couldn't focus on reading) [M] [E], got down on one knee and I think he said something about us being together forever, all I know is that I said yes like 5 times, and every day since.

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  1. I think this is cute! Scrabble pieces... Love it!