14 December 2011

Thanksgiving in St George!

We went to St. George to spend Thanksgiving with my parents.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  We went on either a walk or a hike everyday we were there.  Including Thanksgiving Day! My dad thought he got permits to hike the Subway on Friday but they ended up being for Thanksgiving.  We decided that we should do it anyway and left at 630.  Since we didn't have climbing gear to rappel the waterfall, we had to hike from the bottom up which meant that we also had to hike back.  It was a long hike: 4.5 miles in and the same out.  If you have ever been hiking in Southern Utah, you should know that almost every hike involves either water, canyons, or both and this one was no exception.  We started at the top of a canyon and had to climb down about 400 feet in less than 1/2 mile to get to the bottom by the river.  We figured that since it is a fairly popular hike and hard to get permits that the trail would be fairly distinct.  We were wrong, and ended up having to cross the river multiple times especially as the trail narrowed into the slot canyons and the familiar Subway scenery appeared.  I think over the 4 miles to get to the "end" we hiked back up that 400 feet that we climbed down in the beginning.  We got to the end of the trail where we had to swim to get any further and even though the weather was great compared to Idaho, it was not exactly swimming conditions.  Not to mention the water was FREEZING!  It was so beautiful though! I miss Southern Utah and all of the red rock, slot canyons.  Here are some pics to prove it.

Here we are, 7AM ready for an adventure!
These giant boulders were EVERYWHERE!

Dinosaur tracks!

Break time

Brent's pine cone "Caren"

The start of the Subway formations

I think Brent avoided the water up until here.

We made it!

I have no idea what they were all looking at.

Sweet reflections

Almost done!

FINISH!! We look way more excited than we actually were.

We finished at about 2PM, It was a long day but totally worth it! And the FOOD WAS AMAZING AFTER and not just because we were starving!! Incredibly enough, I don't have a single picture of any it. But just trust me.

We went on a walk the day before like 10 minutes from my parent's house.  You would never know it.  This place is incredible I tell ya!

I love this place!

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