03 November 2011


Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat this year and we decided to dress up for it. We decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood and the BIG Bad Wolf. It was tons of fun and everyone loved our costumes (yay!). A lot of people didn't know what Brent was supposed to be unless I was standing by him. I had made the Red Riding Hood cape for a party earlier this year and decided to use it for Halloween so that just left Brent's costume to make! I got some fur from Joann's and since the line for cutting fabric was WAY too long, I got lucky and found a scrap piece so it ended up being cheaper and faster!! BOOM. I found a pattern for ears online and just hand sewed them to a shower car, cut out a tail, and I put fur on a pair of gloves, We went to DI and found a robe and some granny glasses and after some face paint, the costume was complete!!

It was awesome! One Halloween night, we handed out candy to like 10 kids and decided to go to the Haunted House, Dr. Slaughters with every High School kid in Idaho Falls.  I think we stood in line about as long as we were in the haunted house.  But it was fun to go do something out of the norm.  All in all, we had a GREAT Halloween!

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