22 January 2012

Love Catcher Craft

For Christmas, I had Bekah as my un-secret Santa.  I knew that they didn't want anything that they would have to move since they just had their cars jam packed on their way to Oregon so I decided to get her a "membership" to my craft of the month club where I send her a craft to do every month.  This month I sent her a little thing to make for Valentine's Day called a Love Catcher.  I saw a tutorial on Etsy where they made dream catchers using doily's.  I thought it was kinda fun so I would put it on here.


Large metal ring
Heart template
Red paint

1. Wrap the ring with string.  There are a few ways to do this.  You can wrap the string using a Lark’s Head macram√© knot there is a good VIDEO online at that shows how to do it.  The other option would be to just tightly wrap the hoop with string and hot glue the ends.

2. Tie the doily to the ring so that it is centered in the ring.It does not matter if it is very tight.