23 January 2012

Merry Chrismas!

We got to see both of our families for Christmas! We spent Christmas weekend in Bountiful with the Rowe's.  We Skyped the Heatons on Christmas Eve when we opened up pjs.  It was so sad not to have them there but it tied us over for a minute with Skpe.  We can't wait until all of us can be together for the holidays!  My friend AlliKat got married on the 28th so I stayed in Salt Lake, bumming around, breaking car engines, exchanging Christmas gifts, and shopping.  Brent drove back to Idaho Falls for Tuesday and Wednesday so that we could go to St. George for the rest of the week.  The wedding was just as you would expect; perfect decorations, beautiful dresses and good food and great company!  We left on Thursday to drive to St. George.  It was so great to see my parents, Abbi and Matthew! The weather was great, as you would expect and we took a long walk one night with just a jacket!  Unfortunately, everyone had to work almost the whole time we were there but on Saturday we had a little BBQ with the McDonald's in Cedar!  It was a pretty lazy trip, but it was kind of nice to have nothing to do for a few days.

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