10 December 2012

Because we Swim.. and Bike.. and Run! [Part II]

Since the majority of the traveling we did was to and from races, here's our story.  Part 2:

Ragnar Relay
Sadly, I had to run this one without Brent on my team.  Andrea, from our ward was looking for one extra member to join their team last minute and since I had mentioned earlier in the year that Ragnar from last year was so much fun she invited me to be on their team.  I told Brent and he got jealous that I was running and he wasn't.  So he found a team of his own.  My team was a bunch of cousins and we had a blast! I still hated the night run but it was pretty much the perfect run; slight down hill, great temperature, and just after sunset.  It was pretty peaceful I only mostly freaked out when I ran under some powerlines and they were making some pretty creepy noise and I had no idea what it was.  Other than that, I felt great for all 3 of my legs and since we were in Van 2 we didn't have to wait for 4 hours at the finish line!

To Bone and Back
This race was kind of a let down the weekend after Ragnar and we didn't even meet the rest of our team.  The way the To Bone and Back race works is that each of the 8 runners on your team runs a 5 mile leg.  It makes for some interesting transition areas.  It's an out and back race, so just as the title suggests, you run from Idaho Falls to the city of Bone (20 miles), and back. Brent had the 2nd leg and I had the 3rd.  We were at the start line with our first runner and after I finished running, we went home. It was kind of sad and I think our team ended up taking like 6th in our division but we didn't have any team spirit which is really the only reason to run a race like that. Maybe next time.

4th of July
Brent is on the committee for a few of the local races and always volunteers to mark the course because he hates running races that are confusing.   As is the tradition it seems, we were up at 4:30am and ready to go with our flags and spray paint by 5:00am.  We placed flags along the course, and since it was only a 5k, we walked the course.  It took us 1:19.00 hours.  We kept telling people that if we beat our first time, we should be in good shape.  They had a great turn out with some awesome sponsors and prizes!  We didn't stay long though, because we had other important things (ehem, birthdays) to celebrate. Also, why do we always forget to take pictures BEFORE the race when I don't have red face and Brent looks like he's been resting forever (because he has).

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