11 December 2012

Bear Lake 2012

Every time I see our Christmas tree I just smile and pause for a moment to think of how great this season is.  And even though Christmas is a mere 2 weeks away, I can't help but to long for the summer sunshine.  So in the midst of the dreary winter, here's a post about all things summer!

Bear Lake is always a highlight of the summer and this year was no different. It is so much more fun with the kiddos there.  As always, it is of the utmost importance that a good beach spot is claimed so as to give the best chance for optimal water access, good sand and plenty of room to stretch out.  I'm told that 'good sand' doesn't exist when the water is high like it has been for the past few years, and I believe it.  Hopefully someday the water level will decrease enough to bask in this glorious sand of the Rockies. Here's Bailey taking claim of such a spot as this.

This year all the kids were really excited about the jet skis.  Beans kept asking for a ride to just about anyone willing to yield a life jacket and Mason was perfectly content to sit and drive the jet ski while it was parked on the beach.

The boys went swimming with their floaties and flippers (Carson). There was a little buoy that someone had brought attached to the anchor of their boat about 10 yards off the beach and Beans and Carson took great pride in swimming out to it.

Of course, with Uncle Brent around, there is plenty of this to go around:
It's unclear who is winning but Brent can definitely take his fair share of crazed kids.  Reminds me of this: howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com. (It's 18 by the way)

The new newlyweds doing what they do best; LOVE..

We had a blind root beer taste test challenge with 7(or 9 maybe?) kinds of root beer but deemed the test disqualified for lack of cold beverages.  We surprisingly found that A&W root beer is by far the worst of root beers, especially when warm.  We will continue to buy it regardless, after convincing ourselves that it tastes just fine cold.  I am still not convinced.

Brent and I woke up early one morning to ride our bikes all the way around the lake.  This is an average day in the Land of Brent but 54 miles is no small feat for me.  This was actually the longest ride I had ever done before, or since.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I only died about the last 10 miles but thankfully with biking, when you ride with someone like Brent who can literally pull you to the end, it's not so bad. I'm glad we did it and maybe it will become a tradition.

Lots of water things happened including these awesome squirt gun things.

And we found this little model on the beach one day.

I think we can, without a doubt call Bear Lake 2012 a GREAT SUCCESS!  See you next year!

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