13 December 2012

Christmas un-wreath DIY

We interrupt the regularly scheduled re-runs with something of the winter variety..
Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! I think we're ready.  We've never put anything on our door and I found these cute little bells and a door hanger and hung it up.  Aaand it looked really pathetic. So I cut off some branches from our Christmas tree and put them through the big ring and... tada! Not pathetic!  I thought it was cool and pretty genius of me.  You can do it too! And for anyone who doesn't have a real tree, or extra branches to spare, I'm sure your friendly neighborhood tree lot would gladly give you their extra scraps.  They might even be excited about it!

Merry Christmas! Next up..tackle Christmas cards. We're sending out like 10, so it shouldn't be a huge hurdle.

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