29 March 2013

Abbi's Mission Farewell

Since I have dubbed myself the writer of Abbi's blog (sisterabbirossberg.blogspot.com) I might just meet my goal of posting on this blog once a month.  Brent and I went down to St. George for Abbi's farewell and since I haven't been working, I stayed for the rest of the week to 'help Abbi pack'.  Most of what I did involved staying out of the cold Idaho weather, catching up with everyone, and going to Swig for snowcones.

On the drive down

We went to the temple on Thursday and it was the one time I pulled out my camera and took some pictures.  The lighting was perfect and they did not disappoint.

We also went rock climbing and I did take ONE (iPhone) picture there.  Here's the proof:
The best part of our rock climbing adventure was actually the drive over.  In the car was Abbi, her friend Kameron (driving), and in the back, his roommate Tarzan, Matthew, and me.  So Tarzan looks at Matthew and then turns to me and asks, "So what High School do you go to?" 


Hmmm, well that hasn't happened in about a year and a half.  It was pretty funny actually.  Right after I graduated from SUU and moved to Idaho, I'm pretty sure that when I told someone I had just graduated, most people assumed that I had just graduated from High School.  It's fine, it's really no big deal. 

It ended up being a good week for me to be gone since Brent was really busy every night doin' his thang making the big bucks working late, going to late night meetings, and winning all sports games.  Seriously, Basketball: check, Volleyball: check check, Soccer: check. Also, since the first round of the NCAA Tournament started last week Brent could relish in the basketball madness all week long.  Speaking of which, my bracket was looking really good (12 of 16 in the Sweet 16!), but when Indiana lost Brent and I were both done for since they were our champion pick.

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