17 April 2013

Snowboarding 2012-2013

We actually went snowboarding this year! Last year we only went once so we made up for lost time this year.  I was an instructor at Kelly Canyon so my total days this year at least doubled my lifetime days snowboarding.  
A foggy day at Kelly's

We went to Big Sky, MT with some friends the first weekend in February and stayed at a cabin for the weekend.  We snowboarded Friday and Saturday.  I can honestly say that it was the best two days I've ever had snowboarding.  It's called Big Sky for a reason; that place seems endless! I don't know if we took the same run the whole 2 days we were there.  The snow was perfect and there is something for everyone.   We spent the first day kind of all over the map, trying out a few different areas of the resort.  We thought about going up the tram, but the wait was about an hour long! So on Saturday, with our great tour guide who knew where to go, it was like a completely different experience! We were on trails that we didn't even touch yesterday.  Many of them I would have never sought out myself.  This was the first season that I felt comfortable on double blacks and I attribute a lot of that to this trip.  We eventually took the tram to the top and it was totally worth it! Jason took us across this tiny goat path to the edge of a cliff and said, "We're here"! I only freaked out for a small second and took the plunge.  Later, when we were on the lift we could see the shoot that we went down and I just kept thinking there is no way I would choose to do that on my own.  There were so many of these same moments that day.  I'm so glad that Jason encouraged me to stretch myself because I became a much better snowboarder in just that day.


At Big Sky on Saturday waiting for the tram (that tiny thing behind us)!

Looking down from the tram at where we were in the pic above!
Panorama from back side!

Our next big trip was to Jackson, WY!  We went with Matt and Mindi.  They were there for President's Day weekend and we joined them on Saturday.  Since it was a warm day and late in the Spring, the snow was like mashed potatoes.  It was a ton of fun! We really wanted to go to Jackson since we figured that it would be the last time before we move.  And I got to try out my brand spankin' new board!

Brent, just breaking rules and stuff

The Crew on the way up!

At the top of Jackson!
We did make it up to Targhee once, my knees didn't love me this year after teaching 4 days a week so I sat out about half the day.  Targhee is always a favorite and Brent has been there about a fillion times so we have our secret spots that make it tons of fun every time we go.

We also went to Kelly's together a few times after Brent got off work.  Brent's first day up this year and at the bottom cat track he fell and hit his head (it never happens!) and tried to get a concussion.  Thank goodness for those sexy helmets!  We went up one Saturday and since it's such a small mountain hill we covered the whole thing in about 3 hours and called it a day.

Chillin' at Kelly Canyon.

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