24 April 2013

Idaho Bucket List: The Idaho Potato Museum

Since we now have official plans to move to St George (yay!) we wanted to make sure that we finished everything we wanted to do in Idaho before we left. So last Saturday, Brent asked me what was on my list.  The only thing I could think of was go to the Potato Museum.  I figured that if I was to live in the Potato State, it would warrant a visit to the tribute of said state.  I always wondered what someone would put in a potato museum, and now I know.  Once was definitely all that was needed.  I suppose I'm glad that we went, but we will most likely never return.  It was pretty disappointing.

The one cool part was this collection of potato mashers.  Here is about 1/6th of the collection.
I guess this was all the enthusiasm we could muster.
Afterword, we went to Rupe's, a favorite in Blackfoot, for a burger.  We stop in Blackfoot for Volleyball Tournaments every year and Brent said that they always eat at Rupe's on the way home.  But I've never been, so since it was only a block from the museum we stopped by on our way home.  

Also on the Bucket list: 
 - Hike Table Rock -- I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon without snowshoes since it snowed again last week. 

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