27 May 2013

St George Half Ironman.. without Brent :(

I moved down to St. George and started working! Brent did not come. :(  So for the past month, he's been in Idaho, and I've been down here in St. George.  This means lots of missing that awesome guy, and Facetime.

So the first weekend in May is always Ironman weekend in St. George! I missed last year, but I have otherwise been to the St. George Ironman as a spectator/volunteer/Ironwife for the past 4 years.  If you haven't ever been to one of these big pro races, I would highly recommend going to the finish line for even just 30 minutes.  It sounds strange, to go hang out at a race where you probably don't know anyone participating. But it is so inspirational to see people accomplish their goals that they have worked so hard for.  The triathlon community is so unique and I am more than willing to volunteer my time to be a part of it!  My dad works for the Health Department in Southern Utah and they run the medical tent at the exit of the swim every year.
Friday night :)

A few of the first swimmers out of the water.

Me and Mr. Health Department

I love how excited this guy was to finish!

Official Medical volunteer!
It was a little bit weird being done at like 1pm rather than 10pm but I love it! I'll see ya next year!

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