07 June 2013

Hike in Zion: Hidden Canyon

One more post sans Brent; on Memorial Day I went hiking in Zion's with my parents.  They are avid National Park season pass holder/users to this amazing place.  I've been there quite a few times and I still get awestruck on the bus ride in. I want to bike the Zion loop with Brent and really have the opportunity to drink in all of the red rock goodness that it has to offer.

We expected there to be tons of people so we left early to start our hike around 8. The plan was executed flawlessly!  We got there just in time to get on a bus without having to wait, and by the time we left, it was just getting hot and we waved goodbye to all the people!

The Hidden Canyon trail wasn't too busy (shocking, I know! But it is hidden after all.)  I thought that this would be an out-and-back hike where we were just at the bottom of a slot canyon.  Boy was I wrong. 1000 feet elevation gain in 1.1 miles.  In case you don't know what that means, it's uphill ALL THE WAY. And totally worth it.  It's pretty much Angel's Landing's baby brother.  Really short, but still amazing views and a hint of the vertigo you get from the Angel's hike.
"We're going up there!"
"Why?!" haha

At the overlook about .75  miles in.
Some elevation gain
That's the trail. Promise.
The Slide!
Hello Mr. Bus driver!
Seriously, this place is Zion. 
At the top!
And a cool arch where we ate lunch!
Brent and I are going back.  And soon.  It was an awesome hike!   It's so short but it has some awesome overviews of the canyon.

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