25 August 2013

Ragnar 2013...How many years is this??

Brent is the Ragnar Aficionado, and this was his 9th year running.  I only have 3 years under my Ragnar belt but we have a blast every year.  And we were actually on the same team this year (yay), it was a miracle!  This year we joined a team of prospective new friends and it was awesome.  Crazy things always happen at Ragnar, and this year 2 of our runners dropped out 7 hours before we started.  We were leaving to drive up to Salt Lake the night before and I was calling people to see if they could run with us.  It went about something like this:
"Hey, so we're driving up for Ragnar tonight and we need 2 extra runners! Do you want to run? We're leaving in 30 minutes."
We didn't get anyone recruited from St George.  It might have something to do with the fact that our team ran from Thursday - Friday instead of the normal Friday - Saturday schedule.
 We did however, recruit Brent's longtime friend Jarom who lived across the street from him growing up.     We picked him up the next morning and luckily he was prepped to jump into the 14 .4 miles we assigned to him.  He ended up being one of the stronger runners on our team.  But I suppose you would have to be in order to run a race with last minute notice like that.  My cousin Dylan ran with us again this year and KILLED it, literally!  He got 97 kills on his 3 short legs.  48 of which came on a 4.2 mile leg.  CRAZY!  [FYI: a kill is when you pass someone]

Let the race begin! GO BRENT!

At the Snowbasin exchange
Brent and Jarom

Tractors happen.

Brent getting ready to run

The whole group.
Is anyone else a little disappointed that Brent is rocking his man tank OVER his t-shirt?


  1. I'm sure glad you explained kill...I was a tad confused. ;)

  2. Awesome! I sure miss both of you!!!