27 April 2014

BYU Volleyball!

Brent loves volleyball like its his job, because it is.  He coaches for Desert Hills High School during the high school season and is now coaching a club team this summer.  AND he loves BYU, as he should.  So obviously he is a fan of BYU Men's Volleyball.  And they are GOOD this year.  Like they dominated their conference last week in the MPSF tournament and have high hopes to win the national championship next week.

All that to say, we got tickets to the semi-final conference game last Thursday night.  It was a whirlwind trip (arn't they all these days).  We left St George, and took our awesome 2nd row seats that Brent got us.  Let the game begin!  It was a pretty good game, we expected it to be a little bit closer since both teams are really good this year but BYU had home court advantage and it ended in 3 sets.  It was just in time for us to eat dinner and arrive home promptly at 3am.  It was great to get out of the store for a night and be able to do something else for a change.  And as all whirlwind trips end, we went back to work Friday morning and are now looking forward to a great Sunday nap that's up next on the schedule.

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