27 April 2014

Runway Fashion Exchange Grand Opening!

Some days it doesn't feel real, like when I write a blog post about Brent and me opening a clothing store.  Nonetheless, here we are just a few weeks in, running this crazy ship.  Runway Fashion Exchange now consumes our lives like I've never thought possible.  It's my double-full-time job (hello 70 hour weeks!) and Brent's 2nd job where he works nights and weekends on top of his full-time spot at the radio station.  And we love it.  It has been amazing seeing our Father in Heaven work in only a way he knows how.  We have had such incredible opportunities presented to us because of this store.  Part of me wonders how it all came together at all and the other part confidently stands by and trusts.  I feel more grateful than ever to hear, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways."  Because His perfect plan for us has been the best plan for us.  I sometimes say that it's not our store, it's His store.  Our Heavenly Father has directed its upbringing and he still oversee and cultivates its progress.  He has given us stewardship over it and He trusts that we will help His children and bless all those we can.  Our mission is this grand adventure with Him at the helm.
For anyone concerned about the details, we started filling the store with clothes and all things teen and young adult styles in January this year, and our Grand Opening was February 21st.  Our store is doing amazing and our first month open our store was #3 in the franchise for sales!  If you're in St George you HAVE to stop in.

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