21 August 2011

We came, we married, we left for Mexico!

The receptions went great, almost without a hitch! We had some rain for the Idaho Falls reception and couldn't set up the table decorations until about 10 minutes before it started and we had a small intermission due to rain during the reception but we had plenty of willing helpers and everything turned out phenomenal! The incredible Heidi got everything put together beautifully and we couldn't have asked for anything more!

The awesome decorations:

The temple was everything we could ask for and more. It was incredible to be able to have all of our families with us for the sealing. After it was over, I told Brent that it would be hard for me to get married and not be able to experience all of those emotions without my family. We were so blessed to have them there. It was especially great to have my sister Bekah there since I couldn't be at her sealing in December last year.

"The happy couple" -Stef:
I know there were a lot of people who thought we were crazy for getting married so early in the morning but because we did, we had plenty of time to take pictures (when it wasn't 100 degrees) on the temple grounds even if I did try to leave the groomsmans' ties (with my keys) in the car. It's good to have an adventure and to keep Brent on his toes. ;)

The Salt Lake/Taylorsville reception was amazing as well! My mom was a lifesaver for making all of my crazy ideas a reality, and getting all of the food ready on Saturday! We had so much help from family to get everything done. My mom said that she wanted us to just enjoy our day and not have anything to worry about. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and everything turned out amazing!!

And then we were in MEXICO 8 hours later!

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  1. Everything was beyond perfect and amazing...especially the temple. We all commented that the ceremony was beautiful and we all came away having learned so much. You looked beautiful...No, wait - STUNNING and I have never seen Brent happier! Thanks for letting us be part of such a great day. Love you guys!