21 August 2011

We spoke Spanish for a week

Brent surprised me for our honeymoon!! I was totally thrown off since he mislead me on purpose.. a new Brent Rowe perhaps?? Maybe he's changing into a person who can actually keep surprises to himself or maybe he was just too excited. Nonetheless, it was an amazing surprise!
We got to the airport at 4:45am the morning after our wedding:and I had no idea until we got there that we would be spending the next 7 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!
I realized while we were in Mexico that saying Puerto Vallarta, Mexico would be equivalent to saying, Salt Lake City, United States; which sounds like something a foreigner would say. And since we were foreigners the whole week in Mexico, I felt great about saying it the whole time!

We spent the week on the beach, boogy-boarding, riding bikes everywhere, EATING, and speaking Spanish-which we both loved!
We signed up for a few tours for the week but our favorite tour was called Outdoor Adventure where we spent the day in the mountains zip-lining in the jungle and rapelling down waterfalls. It was gorgeous!
Our resort was in Nuevo Vallarta, north of Puerto Vallarta so we went into the city one day taking the bus and wandered around the shops, walking around the pier and eating delicious tacos for lunch.
Other than Outdoor Adventure, we loved going boogy boarding everyday!

We had TONS of FUN!!

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  1. more more more! i am loving this honeymoon and loving our parallel lives : )