11 October 2011


Brent and I have set up a new system where we both make some money (he,quite a bit more than I) and I find excellent ways to spend it. In mass quanitites.  I have been eying a new wide-angle lens for a while.  I wanted to do my research and make sure it was something that I would use and put to good use.  I was planning on renting a lens for the weekend just to try it out and make sure that it would be worth the investment ::someday::  well let's just say that 'someday' came REALLY fast.  Like 2 days later.  I found out that the camera rental place was going out of business and selling all of their inventory.  I called the owner and he said he had already gave it to the auction in Pocatello.  That night I told Brent about the auction, and the camera equipment, and asked him if he wanted to go.  He was game, a little bit to my surprise since if I won the items I was looking for I knew it would not fall under the "average shopping trip budget".  So Saturday, we drove down in the mid morning and waited for an hour and a half of auctioning old cars, and electronics.  We watched an older couple buy 18 guitar hero sets and random other video game-esque things when they finally got to what we came for.  3 items and a few too many dollars later we went home with:

A flash, a BEAUTIFUL 14-24mm lens, and almost functioning tripod.  Oh and that rug you ask, that's just a little somethin, somethin I whipped up this week inspiration from THIS lovely photo

In my effort to consider this "money well spent", I have started another blog (that I will most likely abandon in a few weeks, except this time 'its different') where I take a picture everyday.  I didn't think it would be do able but the past few days I have had ample time to complete such a task.  Also, I would really like to improve my photography skillz.  So....announcing:

ps.  I love that my name is unique and it is especially convenient when looking for a new web address or email address.
pps. Wedding pics soon to come.

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