31 October 2011

Tied the knot!

We did get married! And here are the pictures to prove it! The day was perfect and we couldn't have asked for better people to be around. As you can see from the pictures, we are pretty much the perfect couple (i kid, i kid). But didn't Our photographer, Jami to make us look like it!

Enjoy the picture overload!!

What a great family! I love that Min is trying to claim Carson as her


Handsome Man!

I just love that you can see the lace.

One big happy family

These are our fake laughs.

This picture is just so perfect.



  1. Your dress is BEAUTIFUL and so unique. I love it! I'd vote you as perfect couple -- below myself and my beau, of course!

  2. Thanks Emily! I designed it and my mom made it! It was probably my favorite thing about the whole 'wedding planning'